HOUSTON, TX 77071.
Ph/Text/Whatsapp:832-512-4404 Mon - Fri 9am-4pm US
Sat/Sun: By appointment

Ph: 08030837047 9am-5pm Nigerian Time


Q: What countries do you ship to?

A: We ship to Nigeria with airport to airport shipment to Ghana, Togo and Benin

Q: I am a new customer, what do i need to ship with your company?

A: A government issued identification (international passport and/or a U.S drivers License

Q: How much do you charge per lb or kg?

A: Our Air freight and Sea Freight charge can be found on our shipping rates pages


Q: What cities do you ship to in Nigeria?

A: We ship to Lagos at $3.49/lb and all other major cities in Nigeria at $3.89/lb

Q: Do you charge by Actual weight or by volume/dimensional weight?

A: We charge by whichever is higher

Q: Whats the difference between Actual weight and Volume/dimensional weight?

A: Actual weight is the exact weight obtained from the weight scale. Dimensional weight is obtained by multiplying your package Length, width, height and dividing the result by 166. (Length x Width x Height)/166 = Volume or Dimensional weight.

Q: How long will it take to receive my package in Nigeria?

A: Usually 4 days from flight departure or 6 days from our Airport drop off. We drop off on Saturdays and flight departs Houston on Mondays.

Q: Can i shop online and send to your U.S office?

A: Yes, be sure to include your names on your package with our office address 9101 Lipan rd ste 111 Houston, Tx 77063 – 5559.

Q: I will be ordering for several items online, do you offer consolidation and how much?

A: Yes, we do offer consolidation services at no charge.

Q: What are your U.S phone lines?

A: Cell: 832-512-4404 or Office:

Q: What is the best day and time to call?

A: You can call us Mon – Fri 9am -5pm central time, Sat 9am to 11am. Sun: closed.

Q: I paid for my shipping charge based on invoice from Houston office, do i have to pay any other charges during pick up at your Lagos office?

A: The invoice you received from our Houston office includes all charges (shipping and clearing), you do not pay any other charges during pick up in Lagos.

Q: Can someone pick up on my behalf at your Lagos office?

A: Yes, as long as they have your invoice details, names, invoice # and package description.

Q: How do you charge to ship TV’s?

A: Our shipping charge is by either actual weight or volume weight, whichever is higher. TVs are shipped by volume weight and to calculate the volume weight for your tv you can use this calculation.

(length x width x height) divide by 166. This is the international formula for volume weight calculation. Units in inches.
Eg, tv weighs 40lbs but the dimensions are length 50inches, weight 8inches and height 45inches.
Volume weight = (50x8x45)/166 = 108lbs.
Since volume weight (108lbs) is greater than the actual weight (40lbs) your tv will be charged based on the volume weight 108 x $3.75 = $405.
Shipping charge for a tv with above dimensions will be $405.

Q: What are your Nigeria phone lines?

A: Manager: 08035439982, sales: 09061714383.

For questions and inquiries about shipping to Nigeria please email us at SALES@LSMGLOBALSHIPPING.COM



832-512 4404