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Sat/Sun: By appointment

Ph: 08030837047 9am-5pm Nigerian Time

Get paid when you refer a new customer to LSM GLOBAL SHIPPING

We now offer rewards for anyone who refers customers our way. Receive N7,000 when you refer a customer for every 200lbs (91kg) shipment they ship. Shipment can be a single shipment of 200lbs (91kg) or multiple shipments/invoices totaling 200lbs (91kg).

Receive N70,000 when you refer 10 customers to LSM GLOBAL SHIPPING. This N70,000 will be in multiple payments of N7,000 when each of your 10 referees/customers reaches 200lbs (91kg) shipment with us.

When your referee ships a one time shipment of 1,000lbs (200lbs x 5) you receive N35,000 (N7,000 x 5).

When your referee ships a one time shipment of 2,000lbs (200lbs x 10) you receive N70,000 (N7,000 x 10).

There are no limits on the amount of referral payments you can receive from us. The more customers you send our way, the more money you get paid.

Please contact us first with your referee's contact (First and Surname) and advise them to also contact us via email with your details (Name and phone number). While we will do our best in keeping records of your referee's shipment weight total, you will also be responsible with keeping records of your referee's shipment weight total. Payments are made only to Nigerian accounts and only when your referee has cleared or paid their shipment invoice in full. Our referral rewards program only applies to Air freight shipments.

We are a trusted freight forwarder with several years of experience shipping from U.S to Nigeria. Regardless of your location, U.S or Nigeria, you can order online and send to our Houston office for onward shipping to Nigeria. We offer free consolidation services for all your packages. You will need to use our Houston address as your shipping address. (Your names c/o LSM GLOBAL 9101 LIPAN RD STE 111 HOUSTON, TX 77063). Please contact us first as we will need a copy of your government issued photo identification (email to SALES@LSMGLOBALSHIPPING.COM) prior to your shipment.

Please be advised that LSM GLOBAL SHIPPING does not ship Fraudulent, stolen or suspicious packages.

For any questions and concerns please contact us via email at SALES@LSMGLOBALSHIPPING.COM or by phone/text/whatsapp at +1832-512-4404.