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Shipping to Nigeria by AIR and SEA

Our Air Freight rate $4.00/lb (shipping and clearing), No hidden fees, no additional clearing charges, no consolidation charges, no handling charges like the other shippers. No warehouse fees regardless of when you drop off or pick up. What we bill at our U.S office is final. Our customers enjoy and trust in our shipping services. LSM Global Shipping specializes in Air freight and Sea freight shipping to Nigeria. Let us save you money with all your shipping needs to Nigeria. Looking to ship to Nigeria, give us a call or stop by our Houston office for the best experience when it comes to shipping to Nigeria.

LSM GLOBAL SHIPPING is an approved TSA freight forwarder based in Houston Texas. Our focus is to provide a stress free shipping experience for our customers as well as providing the most affordable shipping services we can offer.

We specialize in shipping to Nigeria and other countries either by Air Freight or by Ocean Freight. We can ship all forms of household goods, industrial/safety equipments, hospital supplies, automobile, construction equipment, oil and gas supplies as well as heavy equipment moving and shipping to any part of the Globe. A government issue identification is required from all Customers.

We now provide Air Freight shipping services to Ghana (Accra), Call or email us for our rates.

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